Colorwork Great Danes

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Delano, MN, USA
158 County Road 30 Southeast Delano Minnesota 55328 US

AKC Breeder of Merit, breeding Champion Harlequin, Mantle, and Merle Great Danes for service, show, performance, and companion homes. We breed for smart minds and even temperament which allow an ‘off leash” lifestyle where owners can count on their dogs to be trustworthy and trainable in all environments.  Our dogs live in our home and puppies are raised underfoot with full exposure to our adult dogs, other animals, and day to day life. They are handled continuously, and raised under professional socialization programs beginning at birth. These utilize exposure to different people, animals, sights, and sounds as designed to prepare puppies for Medical Service Dog work, the Show Ring, and living harmoniously side by side with their owners.

June BOB.jpg 4 years ago
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Lady Bug Stand.jpg 4 years ago
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Cooper for Painting.jpg 4 years ago
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7-28-07 040.JPG 4 years ago
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Otsego, MN, United States 30.12 km

I started in Danes in 1992 with the intention of devoting a large portion of my life and priorities to becoming not only a breeder / enthusiast, but a true advocate of the breed’s style, temperament, health, and quality.  I’ve run across so many websites with folks claiming to breed quality, not quantity, with health, temperament and breed type their goals, only to be saddened by the pictures they claim represent these traits in Danes. Thus many years ago, I asked myself how am I different. What should I do to have tangible evidence that I produce dogs that represents breed standard, quality, exceptional temperament, and above average health.

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