Dunn Right Ranch

Bonners Ferry, ID, USA
6451 Main Street Bonners Ferry Idaho 83805 US

Dunn Right Ranch is located on a 20 acre ranch in Northern Idaho.  A little history on DRR Danes.  As a child I grew up showing the Akita, early on I always knew that I wanted a Great Dane in the future.  I did my research on the breed and studied them in the show ring for structure and movement.  In 2004 I became a Great Dane owner, since then I have made many big accomplishments in the show ring with our Danes all owner, handler and breeder at the end of the lead.  We have won several owner/handler Best in Shows, Award of Merit,  Best Bred by Exhibitor awards even at the 2017 Great Dane Club of America Nationals.   Our goal is to selectively breed and adhering to the Great Dane Club of America guidelines with the AKC Great Dane standard as our blueprint to produce the best Great Dane we can for ourselves to show and others that want a good temperament, happy, healthy and has a long life ahead of them.  Our Danes are all in our home with us and not in a kennel.  We also co breed with our good friend Colette Hayes with Colra Danes.

Libby, MT, United States 65.34 km

My dogs are raised with my children, the youngest being 5 months.  We also have horses,  cats, and some pet turkeys, as well as a bunch of wild turkeys that hang around, deer, elk, bear, mountain lion, and an occasional moose.  I feel much better about our walks in the wilderness having the dogs with me! They go with us horseback riding, hiking, and to many events, they even have their own packs!  All of my dogs live inside our home as part of our family and that is the only kind of home I will let my puppies or rescues go to.  These are not outside dogs.  Not to say they don’t love playing outside, but the majority of the time they would rather be curled up on a nice bed inside, preferably on or next to one of us.

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