Great Dane Temperament

Great Dane TemperamentBefore the 1800s, the Great Dane was being bred to hunt boar. As a result, the dog had a lot of animal aggression and wasn’t ideal for being kept as a pet. During the 19th century, the Germans took the dog and started breeding it with other dogs. They created a breed that was just as big, but which had a friendlier temperament. The Germans helped refine the breed to produce the modern Great Dane temperament which is protective and always happy to please.

Great Danes are independent and loving. They’re strong willed and won’t be pushovers when you try and train them. You’ll need to be patient when you’re teaching them tricks, and how to not pee in the house! Great Danes need bossiness and consistency – they need to know what when you tell them to do something, they must do it. Slipping up during training, giving your Great Dane treats without them doing what you’ve told them to do, will seriously set back your training.

Some Great Danes can be a little aggressive with other animals, too. This is an old trait, and it’s more likely to occur if your Great Dane wasn’t exposed to other dogs from a young age. It will typically happen more with other dogs of the same sex, so it’s important that you have a strong hold of their leash when you take them out walking. The Great Dane temperament can lend itself to being slightly aggressive to other animals if you do not socialize them.

Aggression in the Great Dane Temperament

If you experience severe animal aggression, be sure to seek help from an expert dog handler. Animal aggression can be reduced with proper training and socialization. This is particularly beneficial when you own such a large and powerful dog.

As well as being aggressive with other dogs, Great Danes might also be quite rough towards other animals. Cats are not safe around Great Danes that have not been well socialized. Even well socialized dogs might be tempted to chase small animals. Owners should be aware of just how powerful their dogs can be when they’re fixed on catching another animal.

One thing that all Great Danes share, however, is how protective they are for their owners. Great Danes will be protective when they see strangers, and if you don’t socialize them, this can turn into aggression. Most of the time, when a Great Dane realizes that there is no threat, they will be friendly and sociable.

If it counts as part of the Great Dane temperament, Great Danes also like to slobber. The amount of drool you experience as a Great Dane owner is almost unmatched, and you’ll be amazed at how much there is after they eat and drink.

So if you’re ready for a large dog that slobbers, but will love you and your family unconditionally, then a Great Dane could be for you. Prepare yourself for lots of care, buying lots of high quality dog food, socializing your large dog and having a loving and protecting companion. Great Danes are a great pet choice, as long as you’re prepared.